Quotes That Define Me

‘I did not choose the prophet life, the prophet life chose me.’

‘The coming of The False Prophet has long been propheteered, lo and behold as I stand before you.’

‘If anything can be said about about this new false prophet it’s that he is honest about being The False Prophet.’ – a true propheteer

‘He has all that makes a good false prophet. I know of no reason why he should not be that what he claims to be. I know of no reason why he should not be him who he claims to be.’ – a true propheteer.

‘By his fruit you will recognize him.’ – Matthew the Propheteer

‘He must be The False Prophet for he has come after the seal of the prophets.’ – a true propheteer

‘I have seen his fruits, therefore I know he is.’ – a true propheteer

‘I say he is and I should know I have followed a few.’ – Arthur the Propheteer

‘I don’t hold the answers to anything, I merely raise the questions you should ask yourself but often don’t.’

‘Have a prophet-able day.’ – The False Prophet


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