It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late for love, my love
Take my hand and we’ll be leaving
I don’t look much of a man
But you know looks can be deceiving
You said you’ve lost in love but
It’s not too late to give up believing

It’s not too soon for love, my love
Though the week is nearly done
Next to you I might look dull
Next to me you look like fun
If you knew me like I do
You’d know you’re not the only one

It’s not too quick for love, my love
Except I wonder if you’d want to
There’s a world I’d like to know
I’d like to get to know the real you
Take my hand don’t let it go
Share with me all that you’ve been through

The time is right for love, my love
The time is right so start believing
Though you wonder if I’m true
You bet your life I’m not deceiving
I’d like to linger round your finger
And not be thinking about leaving


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