It’s been some time since I last posted something, because I have been quite caught up in a new project. Here’s a song on love at elementary level.

Do you want to play with me
Sing with me
Come take me hand
You can hold my crayons
And play with me
Draw with me
That would be grand

Please, be my friend

Playing house and hide-and-seek
Draw with me
I’ll call you ‘sir’
Playing tags and fox and geese
We’ll eat sweets
Draw with me
Don’t look at her

Please, be my friend

We will have the best of times
Worst of times
Time will fly by
I will share my fizzy drink
But I think
Staring at her
Will make me cry

Please, be my friend
Please, be my friend till the end


A Mackerel Sky

The second poem (first was The Orchestra Of Love) in a series of poems on different views on Love. This one is on Postpartum Depression

She loved him
The baby
With all of her heart
Her love was
As big as a whale
She tried to kill him
The mother she was
For she thought
As a mother she’d fail

Keep holding on to that love

She held him
The baby
So tight to her chest
She cried tears
The size of her heart
Then took a pillow
To bereave him of life
She’d take it
Before it could start

Keep holding on to that love

She cried for the baby
She cried for herself
She cried, oh boy did she cry
She hated the baby
She hated herself
Her life was a mackerel sky

She dumped it
The baby
She threw it away
I don’t want it
Rid me of my pain
It was found in a dumpster
More dead than alive
Out there
In the pouring rain

Keep holding on to that love