Coincidence … I Think Not!

Today I, The False Prophet, came across the Occupy Daily Prompt ( and saw this picture. octupuss-againIt reminded me of that time someone asked me to be a model for her photography project: 1604799_711277228896753_483278667_nAll I could think was … Damp Squid’s been everywhere!

Keep on blogging in a free world, people, and have a prophet-able day – The False Prophet


20 thoughts on “Coincidence … I Think Not!

      • How long did you have the dreads? I have always wanted some but I’m such a chameleon I’d probably not last long. I did have synthetic dreads woven in on numerous occasions. Some wild colors, some so natural looking you couldn’t tell they were fake.


      • I had them for about five months. Even though they looked good, they were mostly in my way during sports. You blend in with everything? I reckon dreads look good on you (as far as I can tell from the small picture I always see in your remarks).


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  2. Yes, I can imagine that would make sports difficult. From what I have seen of you they would suit you well. I had to get used to sleeping with them, for one. A few times the ones I had were so big I could hardly get shirts over my head. As far as being a chameleon it wasn’t the blending so much as the changing of colors all the time, but I do like to think I could blend well in some situations. You can see a few shots here:
    I had a lot more colors than just those pictured….way too many photos to upload. I think the boom box one shows the natural dreads at their best, and me at my thuggiest. That’s how I roll, sitting around in trash listening to mad beats.


    • Yeah, you had a whole lotta hair. It must have weighed a ton, or not? And look at all the great colours! Now I understand the chameleon remark. Looks really good on you. Your pics made me wonder what kind of music you are interested in. In some you look like the alternative rock chick and in others like something totally different. What are those mad beats?


      • Thanks!! It did weigh a fair amount and I had headaches in the beginning. The chameleon remark goes not just for hair, but head to toe as well. I’m like a variety show – keeps everyone on their toes. I used to model and work with local photographers for fun. Always enjoyed wearing different costumes and being a new character. It was the perfect solution for an introvert who enjoyed acting without the audience. Eventually I felt vain having a zillion photos of myself so I stopped. I might do it again, but only for fitness photos for business cards, website, etc. The music question warrants a new blog post. Stay tuned…


      • Don’t you have facebook, you sound like an interesting person to chat with and I am looking forward to that blog on music.
        I figured it would cause headaches. But it was worth it, right, because it looked awesome. You did some modelling, how cool is that. There’s nothing wrong with being a little vain, is there?


  3. Nope, got rid of Facebook last year. Too much noise for me. Yes the dreads were worth it for what little time I had each set. 🙂 Perhaps there isn’t, but I felt I had reached my narcissistic limit! Feel free to email, I think it’s listed on the google page.


    • Facebook can be a little noisy, with all those people wanting your attention and trying to advertise their own little lives to all and sundry. Are you thinking about having dreads again? That’s right, you’ve got google+ … I don’t know many people who do anything with google+ in my country, what about over there?


      • Most of what I saw posted was whining, hundreds of selfies, and baby photos, so I opted out. I’m sure people got sick of my cat photos, too. If I ever had dreads again I would do real ones, but I change my hair so often and love washing my hair so it might be a while before I commit. I don’t know about chatting with google+, is it possible? I never use google+ I just didn’t feel like posting those pics on my blog. Was just talking about good old-fashioned email. I may get Facebook again eventually but only for marketing purposes once I’m a fitness instructor. I do have a Swedish pen pal I’ve been writing letters to for over 15 years but I seldom hear from her so there’s another option for chatting, haha. Yes it’s slow but nothing beats the excitement of a real live letter in the mail.


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