The Third Of The Lost Psalms

Psalm 153 – Prayer Of Progress

1          Dear Father, our Father

Whose wisdom exceeds our every imagination

2          The day shall come, O Lord, our Father

The day thou art replaced by progress

The future will catch up on thee

3          On that day, dear Father, our Lord

We will need you most

But we will be too busy to see

4          The day cometh, O Lord

That thou will be nothing more than words in a book

The book will no longer be in our hands;

It will be lying to waste

5          On that day, O heavenly Father

The world will need you more than ever

Pray, forgive us for all the sins that have yet to come

6          Let us pray for forgiveness

For all the crimes we have yet to commit

7          The day cometh and you, O Lord, knows

You see in your mind’s eye

Inventions that will make us think,

‘We are our own Gods

And have no need for a heavenly Father’

8          That day cometh

That day we will need you most of all

9          Forgive us for forgetting about you

10        Oh Lord, will you forgive us for the offenses not yet committed

Can you forgive us in advance


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