The Parable of the Chocolate Maker

I have no idea
What his name was
I have no idea
Who he was
He’s probably dead
Or at least he should be

There was once
Though I know not who
A person with an idea
Though I know not why
He should have let it be
Just another stupid idea

,Let’s take chocolate,’
He must have said
’And let’s take oranges,’
He must have thought
And put one and one
Together to make one

God should have acted
Why didn’t he?
He could have known
Why didn’t he?
He should have made this
One of the many sins

One should have not gone about
Committing food crimes
He should have been hung
And drawn and quartered

Ruining good chocolate like that

Have a prophet-able day
-The False Prophet


5 thoughts on “The Parable of the Chocolate Maker

    • Have your parents eaten it? There must be a special place in heaven for the ignorant, for who can blame those who never knew about things, right? Can I trade my Tony’s Chocolonely bar for some of those chocolate covered cherries?


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