Sleeping Pt 2

The God you love is out to lunch
He has been for a while20150228_010544
Maybe that
Is why this world
Is so violent
Cruel and vile
You’re praying to the Lord
Maybe the Lord’s praying to you,
“Why don’t y’all stop fighting,
‘cause there’s nothing I can do!”

Have a prophet-able day.
– The False Prophet


4 thoughts on “Sleeping Pt 2

  1. I think a lot of people seem to think that God is their slave and is supposed to fix all the things they’ve screwed up. The question itself that “If there is a god, why there is so much cruel stuff going on?” is very illogical in itself. It comes from an incomplete understanding and sentimental approach to life. Atheism hence, is based on just sentiments and doesn’t have any logic behind it. But I don’t blame people for thinking like this, as religion has in the past failed people in the way they have behaved, so everyone has a right to free thinking and choice. Keep on blogging in a free world my friend, and I look forward to more of these from you!


  2. Thank you for the comment. The way I’ve come to think about it is, God created earth and saw it was good. In other words (my interpretation) is that out of all the worlds he could have created this one was the best one. Which means that this is the way he has meant it to be and that all other possible worlds would have been worse than this. As if we need violence as well as love. I’m curious as to your opinion on this. We will be in touch. You write well and I like a bit of a challenge. Have a prophet-able day, my friend.
    – The False Prophet


    • Haha lol, I like that – have a “prophet-able day”. Cool.

      Yes, I know that is what we are all taught by religious institutions. This is the general conception of the Abrahamic God. From what I understand from ancient books of yoga that I have studied and practiced for a long time (not that it makes me an authority, but this is just my understanding that I’m sharing), God does not bother with creation. He is not the creator. Creation is done automatically by his energies. God’s business is to just have a good time with people who want to have a loving relationship with him. The creation is made for our enjoyment because we wanted it. And it’s left for us to work out what happens here. So we can do good, or screw up, and it’s governed by the laws of Karma so everyone has a fair shot at it. Whenever we want, we can go back to chill out with “God”. We are all spiritual beings, having a human experience. And this is just one of the millions of universes. And it’s not the best one (and I don’t think this part needs an explanation. We all know its pretty messed up!)

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      • You are a wise man, dear sir, and The False Prophet likes your views. Though time is limited at this moment, we shall talk some more later and I will be watching your blog.
        Keep on blogging in a free world.


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